While there were only a small number of us, we made quite the impact. The morning started off with the Iron Ring Invitational, which three of us were asked to compete in and saw Kai emerging as a clear victor, bringing the Iron Ring back to our favorite region. From there the day progressed on to the single sword tourney which saw myself get to the semifinals after having defeated WarDon Adam (who went on to win the tourney) in prelims. Afterwards we got to participate in Warder Phil's Battle School (a variation on the Tigers' Blood of Heroes) which saw team Thievesday Company (which included Kai, Patrick, and myself) amake it to the finals, only to lose against the Queen's Guard, a team that included our very own Angus O'Nolan. After that I picked up my C&T auth (yay for a full auth card!) with us then proceeding on to court where all the rapier fighters of the Midrealm were called into court to see Kai presented with the Iron Ring (which he should make sure to bring to the event this weekend so we can all get in line to challenge him for it). Overall, I'd call that a great day to be a Thief.