It was great seeing Thieves from four different regions come out and do what we do best, give each other a hard time. Faelan had broken himself in a new and interesting way, so he got replaced with Patrick, Kinji, and Terry for the rotation (we're not sure yet if the three of them together could match him liver-wise). This lead to the first three being Kai, Anton, and Terry, a trio I'm glad I didn't have to go up against when I did mine. As the day went on, most of us got to hang out and catch up in the nice cool shade as Quill roasted to death out in the sun. After 69 fights though, he emerged victorious and was presented with a very appropriate shower curtain.

Once we were done stabbing Quill full of holes, we retired to the porch to start talking logistics and agreed that after we tire him out at La Rochelle, Patrick should be nice and warm for his gauntlet.

Special thanks to Carl and his lovely lady for hosting us, as well as to all the Thieves who had to drive across state lines just to say hi and have a little fun.